Since 2007, Tiffany has built a solid reputation helping women achieve their wellness goals. She is helping them live healthier lives by addressing both the skincare and lifestyle needs of her clients, with both award-winning services and high quality products.

After more than ten years as a business owner and aesthetician, Tiffany’s reputation as a global skincare and corrective skincare expert has attracted clients from around the country seeking her advice to address their needs. She is best known for her work targeting hyperpigmentation, improving skin colouration, hair removal and overall skin conditions.

Over the span of Tiffany’s career, she has mentored several young women that have gone on to build successful businesses of their own. She believes strongly in the power of mentorship and leadership development.
“Any time I can help another woman succeed, I am fulfilling a part of my purpose in this life.”

2019 has brought about radical change in her personal and professional life. This aesthetic entrepreneur, in her words, is “debunking the idea of business and completely stepping out of the box.”