Tiffany Lenox

After more than 14years as a business owner and esthetician, Tiffany’s reputation as a global skincare and corrective skincare expert has attracted clients from around the country seeking her advice to address their needs. She is best known for her work targeting hyperpigmentation, improving skin coloration, hair removal and overall skin conditions.

In 2019 Tiffany decided to take a leap of faith and founded Lenox Skincare ,LLC after closing the chapter of her Wellness Spa of 12 years.

Lenox Skincare is Oklahoma’s first Multicultural focused Skincare Clinic. She has gained numerous certifications and has trained with the top leaders for treating Global/Multicultural Skin Care and Laser. As stated before she has expanded her knowledge into the Medical Esthetics field while partnering with her Medical Director Dr.Salam Ramadan DDS. 

By Tiffany Lenox

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